• Ladder Match History for TumStep256
  • Date Time Duration Type Map Result +/- Pts Pts After Faction Players MatchID
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    21 Sep 2121:12:176:49sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaWin231466USAAffezippel 72e2c2e267b24
    19 Sep 2120:53:0214:49sranked 1v1[RANK] Cold Territory ZH v2Loss-351443GLA ToxinRedBaron-_- 72e2c2352ec58
    19 Sep 2120:45:084:44sranked 1v1[RANK] Canyon of the Dead ZH v2Win181478USARedBaron-_- 72e2c234d5540
    19 Sep 2120:36:585:59sranked 1v1[RANK] Antarctic Lagoon v3Win101460GLA ToxinD3mOn^ 72e2c2345cefb
    19 Sep 2120:27:457:51sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaWin101450China Nuke
    D3mOn^ , D3mOn^
    19 Sep 2120:27:057:51sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaWin101440China Nuke
    D3mOn^ , D3mOn^
    18 Sep 2121:19:042:41sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaWin101430GLACritmaker75 72e2c1d485373
    18 Sep 2119:53:569:55sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaWin101420USA Super WeaponLaZaEna 72e2c1cf60448
    14 Sep 2117:57:566:13sranked 1v1[RANK] Antarctic Lagoon v3Loss-351410China Nuke-ExiLe` 72e2c03a08e63
    14 Sep 2117:51:162:04sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaWin101445China Infantry-Baggio- 72e2c039ade84
    9 Sep 2117:29:055:44sranked 1v1[RANK] Antarctic Lagoon v3Win101435ChinaSevynalias 72e2be60d6624
    9 Sep 2117:17:516:03sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaWin101425GLA ToxinPartenop3 72e2be605c4b6
    8 Sep 2116:53:573:07sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaWin101415China TankG_Z_H_2020 b7d13069aaa3
    7 Sep 2117:12:5912:03sranked 1v1[RANK] Egyptian Oasis ZH v1Win101405ChinaG_Z_H_2020 b7d12feb19f1
    7 Sep 2117:06:404:50sranked 1v1[RANK] Desolated District ZH v1Win101395China Nukealison7792 b7d12fe47f34
    7 Sep 2116:59:463:22sranked 1v1[RANK] Canyon of the Dead ZH v2Win101385USAGGOOGGAA b7d12fdd85af
    7 Sep 2116:43:596:36sranked 1v1[RANK] Antarctic Lagoon v3Win131375GLA Toxinmati6i b7d12fd024a2
    7 Sep 2116:34:257:35sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaWin101362USABlackFlagArmy b7d12fc411ff
    7 Sep 2116:24:533:46sranked 1v1[RANK] TD No Bugs No Cars ZH v1Win101352Chinacivciv21 b7d12f72367e
    7 Sep 2116:16:265:44sranked 1v1[RANK] TD No Bugs No Cars ZH v1Win101342GLA Toxincivciv21 b7d12f6aea25
    6 Sep 2120:05:404:07sranked 1v1[RANK] Natural Threats v3Win101332China Infantryjcc 72e2bd47ca1a8
    6 Sep 2116:35:064:59sranked 1v1[RANK] Drallim Desert Zh v2.Win141322USA Super WeaponEmptre b7d12f31d589
    6 Sep 2116:29:112:28sranked 1v1[RANK] Desolated District ZH v1Win121308GLA ToxinCnCPlayer b7d12f2de480
    6 Sep 2116:25:112:39sranked 1v1[RANK] Battle Plan ZH v1Win151296GLA StealthbobakinSkywalkr b7d12f295459
    6 Sep 2116:20:242:46sranked 1v1[RANK] Canyon of the Dead ZH v2Win131281Chinaukid b7d12f248034