• Ladder Match History for jatevee
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    17 Sep 2121:05:4612:02sranked 1v1[RANK] Snowy Drought v4Loss-29815USANoobSforgetS b7d13581261a
    17 Sep 2120:49:4814:36sranked 1v1[RANK] VendettaWin47844China Nukeciciban1 b7d13571dd24
    17 Sep 2120:07:0827:06sranked 1v1[RANK] Artic LagoonLoss-21797GLA DemoBackfromdeath 1261b8893471
    15 Sep 2119:00:1610:02sranked 1v1[RANK] VendettaLoss-23818GLA Demojcc b7d13507810d
    15 Sep 2118:34:1623:17sranked 1v1[RANK] [NMC] Summer ArenaLoss-27841Chinajcc b7d134f0451d
    15 Sep 2118:10:029:25sranked 1v1[RANK] Artic LagoonWin45868China Nukejcc b7d134da83a8
    15 Sep 2117:50:4310:55sranked 1v1[RANK] Natural Threats v3Loss-25823GLAjcc b7d134c92907
    13 Sep 2118:28:193:02sranked 1v1[RANK] VendettaLoss-5848China Infantry-Marnie- b7d132fd223e
    13 Sep 2118:21:304:58sranked 1v1[RANK] Natural Threats v3Loss-13853GLA Toxindustmania b7d132f7bd24
    13 Sep 2118:17:393:00sranked 1v1[RANK] Natural Threats v3Loss-5866China-Marnie- 1261b854480a
    13 Sep 2116:12:104:17sranked 1v1[RANK] Liquid Gold ZH v2Win45871GLA ToxinSevynalias b7d13313a7ee
    13 Sep 2115:45:288:59sranked 1v1[RANK] Homeland Rocks ZH v4Loss-5826GLACircuitBreaker^ b7d132fb83d1
    10 Sep 2121:44:309:23sranked 1v1[RANK] VendettaLoss-18831GLA ToxinBiG^SAM^ b7d1314fd56d
    10 Sep 2121:19:3213:26sranked 1v1[RANK] VendettaLoss-23849China TankSteiner1 b7d1313883c3
    10 Sep 2121:12:325:50sranked 1v1[RANK] Snowy Drought v4Loss-27872USA Super WeaponSteiner1 b7d13131f1e0
    10 Sep 2120:54:058:06sranked 1v1[RANK] Canyon of the Dead ZH v2Win44899GLA StealthSpeKao 1261b81fe8c1
    10 Sep 2116:11:4022:04sranked 1v1[RANK] TD No Bugs No Cars ZH v1Win45855GLAlxANTARxl b7d1317d80f4
    10 Sep 2116:00:574:27sranked 1v1[RANK] Artic LagoonLoss-5810China TankCream314 b7d131785e90
    10 Sep 2114:31:3480:48sranked 1v1[RANK] Snowy Drought v4Loss-23815GLA Demoamr44 1261b82663df
    10 Sep 2114:22:597:08sranked 1v1[RANK] Cold Territory ZH v2Loss-5838GLA DemoCream314 1261b81e943d
    10 Sep 2107:18:1110:13sranked 1v1[RANK] VendettaLoss-25843USA Super Weaponbernd1980 1d6926a3bcd
    7 Sep 2112:33:065:04sranked 1v1[RANK] ZH Carrier is Over v2Loss-26868GLA ToxinOketam b7d12f6c8d36
    7 Sep 2112:12:254:39sranked 1v1[RANK] Snowy Drought v4Loss-29894USA LaserOketam 1261b7f51948
    7 Sep 2112:06:334:41sranked 1v1[RANK] VendettaLoss-20923China InfantryBlitz0 1d69265f67a
    7 Sep 2107:46:5316:06sranked 1v1[RANK] VendettaLoss-12943GLA StealthEirkKk b7d12f86beb7